Songs I currently have crushes on... click on the song title to have a listen to the songs I've selected. I'd love to know what songs you're crushing on right now so drop me a line.

Fall At Your Feet by Crowded House
This song, this band takes me back to my teenage years. It evokes such strong memories, which of course great music does. 

Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House
I had to include this one too.
Stripping back the coats of lies and deception...

Country Love Song by Sam Outlaw
I've dedicated a whole blog post to this guy, whose story is rather quirky and cool. His brand of country is ol' school, which is why I like it.

Lose Yourself by Eminem
So I just used this song in a scene for my novel, New Year's Eve. It's connected to a story thread about a kid who's one step away from going to jail (well, juvenile detention to be more precise). This is such a good song to listen to. It's like a musical shot of adrenalin. 

This Year's Love by David Gray
I've only recently rediscovered David Gray. I used to play this song ALL the time when I was about 19 or 20. The whole album actually. It's so good to listen to it again after so long.

Different Days by Jason Isbell
I grew up in a little town in outback Queensland (Slim Dusty even wrote a song about the place) so, for much of my life, 'country music' has been something I've eschewed. Garth Brooks and Lee Kernaghan, puh! Turns out I wasted a lot of listening years being wrong. This song is exactly what I want to be listening to.

The Life You Chose by Jason Isbell
Best line: Always lonely never quite alone.
A question for you: Are you living the life you chose?
Lost In The Moment by Daniel Lee Kendall
It's been a while since I talked music with my little brother but he was over the other day and we got to chatting about what we're both listening to right now. This Aussie singer, songwriter, charmer is high on his current playlist. Mine too now. 

Kings & Queens 
Another one from DLK (above). Silky tones, relaxed listening. Nice.

Will You by Daniel Wilson
I just happened upon this song and I really, really like it. Especially the start, it instantly builds anticipation for a great song. I read that one of this young singer's major musical influences has been Prince. V Cool.

Roll Up Your Sleeves by Meg Mac
I'm not really one for film clips, probably because I rarely watch them but I read an article in a magazine the other day about this Aussie singer songwriter so I googled her and found this song and clip. I think the clip is super clever and I really like the song. See what you think.

Kentucky Rain by Elvis Presley
Don't know why you'd run, what you're running to, or from...c'mon, it's the King.
And I've a mind to know the feeling of Kentucky Rain in my shoes.

Let It Go by James Bay
Can't stop playing this one right now. As well as just being excessively cool, this young guy writes totally beautiful songs.

Lucky Now by Ryan Adams
This song creeps up and taps you quietly on the shoulder.
Am I really who I used to be? he sings.
It's a thought that crosses my mind a lot.

Merry-go-round by Kasey Musgraves.
I heard this on ABC radio the other morning and downloaded it on iTunes as soon as I got home. I love this girl's lyrics. They're cute and clever and, well, country music is a current fascination for me.

Follow Your Arrow by Kasey Musgraves.
Another one from my new country music crush. Here's the chorus:
Make lots of noise, Kiss lots of boys, Or kiss lots of girls
If that's something you're into,
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight,
Roll up a joint, or don't
Just follow your arrow, Wherever it points, yeah
Follow your arrow, Wherever it points

That Year by Brandi Carlile
This song is so sad and so very pretty at the same time. It makes me close my eyes and just listen. My sister (a way more cultured individual than myself) put me onto Brandi's music. It's sweet.

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel
I gotta have a song from Say Anything the movie in this list, I just gotta. What a scene, what a song...Lloyd Dobler standing next to his car holding aloft a boom box with the song playing. The most romantic gesture ever!

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
Every songwriter is a storyteller but some of the stories hit you harder than others. I have just recently rediscovered this song. It ends and I press play again.