Who am I?

Hmm, good question.

At 37 it seems like I’m only just beginning to figure out the answer.

What I know for sure is...

I’m a writer. That took a while to crystalise, but someone said to me last year 'If you call yourself a writer and you do indeed write, then you are one'.

I’m a mum. Yes, four clever, quirky, often charming and even more often cheeky little people refer to me by that title.

I’m a thinker (no suggestion of amazing intellect here, just that I think about stuff - a lot).

And a feeler (no, not the creepy kind; the emotional kind). Yeah, I take stuff to heart. Nearly all of the time. I used to see this as a weakness, something I wished I could turn off or toughen up, but not so much any more. I mean, is it such a bad thing to be someone who experiences life in an acute way?

Maybe all those emotionally challenged people out there are actually the ones missing out.

And, hey, if I’m ever gonna be the amazing novelist I so desperately want to be having some heart is vital, right?

OK, so what I’d like this blog to be is an expression of who I am. Darn, that sounds wanky and I really don’t mean it to.

I want it to be a place where I can write about a whole range of things: books and music that move me, stuff that sends my brain into a spin, experiences that turn what I thought I knew on its head but leave me wiser and more willing to well as any random bits in between.

In short, somewhere I can ‘say anything’.