17 August 2016

Five on the fly

This is going to be brief because, well, I've got a plane to catch.

Have I waited my whole life to be able to say that? Maybe:)

More on my impending journey in a moment.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks since my last post and there are quite a few threads from said fortnight that I'd really like to sit down and explore. Creativity is one: how lately I've been finding all these unexpected and exciting sources of inspiration, well, everywhere. Friendship is another: it's like I woke up the other day and realised that I know some pretty amazing people. Being pushed for time, however, I'm going to leave those posts for another day and give you a simple five on the fly.

1. It's Winona (Wino to some). She's back. In a new show on Netflix. Am I like totally psychic? Did I not send out a wish for Winona to return to our screens only weeks ago? One of my brothers, who considers himself to be a serious film and television critic, is already several eps into season 1 and he tells me this show is a winner. I CANNOT wait to watch.  

2. I have a new addiction. Like I needed another. Book trailers. Here's hoping one day soon I will be crafting my own take on this clever book-plugging tool but until then I'm having a whale of a time trawling through youtube and finding gold like this.

3. I know Pinterest is awash with pretty quotes but timing is everything and this week this quote spoke to me.

4. The Olympics. Have you been watching? I've surprised myself this go-around and have been semi-engaged. I think having young kids who want to watch helps re-ignite some of that sporting patriotism I remember so strongly from my own childhood. Anyhoo, my sister sent me the link to this ad and I thought it was a hoot. Gotta love Thorpie for embracing the concept. He's a star.

5. Psst. That plane I'm catching, it's to go pitch my novel to a couple of publishers. Yep, my big bold deadline is here! To quote Scottish poet Robert Burns, it's time to 'do or die'. I don't mind admitting, just to you, that I'm shit-scared.

More soon.