25 January 2016

I love the idea of being bold...courageous

I think Ethan Hawke is good actor. I like a lot of the movies he has been in. All in all he's made pretty interesting role choices over the years.

I didn't read his first novel The Hottest State when it came out in 1996. I think I remember reading somewhere at the time that the book fell flat, that Hawke's writing was pretentious. 

But it's pretty lazy to believe everything you read, now isn't it?

21 January 2016

4,776 hours...199 days...28.4 weeks

Yes I own a pair of Nike running shoes.

No, I don't need to be wearing them in order to do what I gotta do.

3 January 2016

Yeah, I went dark

I started this blog nearly 12 months ago.

It was exciting.

I was pumped.

I was going to post once a week, without fail. 

Uhmm. So yeah, that didn't happen.

Looking back through almost a year of posts I can say there are some I'm pretty fond of, some that kinda annoy me, and some that simply say 'this right here is the result of must-post-something pressure'.

You could say blogging isn't exactly what I expected it to be. What I mean by this is, when I started out I figured sitting down at the computer and tapping out some of the noise going on inside my head once a week would be pretty easy. A nice release.