17 August 2016

Five on the fly

This is going to be brief because, well, I've got a plane to catch.

Have I waited my whole life to be able to say that? Maybe:)

More on my impending journey in a moment.

27 July 2016

Because poetry matters

1. A verbal composition designed to convey experiences, ideas, or emotions in a vivid and imaginative way, characterized by the use of language chosen for its sound and suggestive power and by the use of literary techniques such as meter, metaphor, and rhyme.

Today I want to write a poem.

It's a rather carefree notion to be having on a Thursday when there's a hell of a lot of other things I could/should be doing but it's the kind of mood I'm in. I've got an urge to spend just a small part of my day doing something I wouldn't normally do. Something that involves writing but NOT the kind I'm used to.

Maybe it's the books I've been reading lately. One - The Colour Purple - was filled with the most striking poetic prose and it moved me big time. 

14 July 2016

Begin. Again.

What is the best first page of a novel you've ever read?

Yeah, I know, that's too hard a question...so many brilliant novels getting around and all. Can you straight away think of a really great one though? A first page that knocked your socks off?

I can.

I was looking at books in Myer (where I never buy books because they are sooooo expensive). Sorry Myer:( I really only go there to browse because Myer likes to stock the high-end, hard-cover kind that look great on a bookshelf...those prized copies you don't let friends borrow and never return.

So, anyways, a couple of years back I was there and I picked up this fabulously covered  book by Junot Diaz (amazing writer. Read one or more of his books, STAT!) and it was called This Is How You Lose Her.

30 June 2016

Dear Diary

When I was 18 I kept a diary for a year. It was small and red. I wrote in it most days. I remember in the beginning my entries were clunky and affected but after a while any contrivance gave way and that little red book really did become a true confessional. The place where my outwardly self-conscious beige self would purge all the colour and all the feeling that was bubbling beneath my skin.

Thinking about it now, 20 years later, is strange. Actually my heart aches a little because even though I lost the diary in a move only months after the year was out there were entries of sadness and of searching in there I can recall now fresh and raw as when I wrote them.

22 June 2016

Winona Forever

Winona Forever. That's what Johnny Depp had tattooed on his arm at the height of his romance with this woman in the early 90s. 

Years later when the relationship was over and Johnny had taken up with model Kate Moss he famously had part of the tat removed. His arm from then on read only 'Wino Forever'.

I did snigger to myself some years back when reading an interview with him where he was talking about living in France and how he'd discovered this great love for red wine. I thought 'cool', so he's making the abridged version of the that tat work for him these days.

Alas, I digress, it's Winona, not Johnny who I want to talk about.

15 June 2016

Country crush

First thing's first. 

Enjoy a listen before reading this post.

Click here

Nice, huh? I stumbled upon Mr Outlaw recently. 

Sadly it's only in the past year or so that I've shed my furtive caterpillar skin and blossomed into what I'd describe as an appreciator of good country music. I say 'sadly' because I really do regret wasting a lot of good listening time ignorant to the charms of country.

8 June 2016

The little things that make me...

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like no matter how many to do lists you write, how fast you move, how late you stay up at night or how early you rise in the morning you just can't get everything done?

I'm having one now.

Usually it ends in tears. "But I'm not getting anywhere!" I wail as I count up the negatives:
# the house is a pigsty
# the mountain of dirty washing in the laundry could bury all four of my kids
# I've got several hours of work to do on the computer once everyone's in bed for the night
# my novel hasn't seen a new sentence in days
# there's a massive zit brewing on my chin

Well, today I'm going to try something different. The tears have been dried and I've got a pen and paper in my hand.

10 February 2016

Thanks Ian, I owe you one.

For any writers trying to find their way in the world of fiction I'm pretty sure some aspects come easier than others.

Recently I've realised that describing movement in a scene is not my strong suit. What I mean by movement is this: physically moving characters around in a space and ensuring that this mobility interacts seamlessly with whatever dialogue is going on at the time. In essence it's being able to take the story forward without any clunky stage-direction stuff like: She moved over to the table. Then she picked up her coffee mug and drank from it. That's all got to be embedded in the writing in a way the reader can barely notice. All you want them to see in their head is the scene playing out like it's real time.

Ok, so this is hard to explain...which is probably why it's so hard to do. 

25 January 2016

I love the idea of being bold...courageous

I think Ethan Hawke is good actor. I like a lot of the movies he has been in. All in all he's made pretty interesting role choices over the years.

I didn't read his first novel The Hottest State when it came out in 1996. I think I remember reading somewhere at the time that the book fell flat, that Hawke's writing was pretentious. 

But it's pretty lazy to believe everything you read, now isn't it?

21 January 2016

4,776 hours...199 days...28.4 weeks

Yes I own a pair of Nike running shoes.

No, I don't need to be wearing them in order to do what I gotta do.

3 January 2016

Yeah, I went dark

I started this blog nearly 12 months ago.

It was exciting.

I was pumped.

I was going to post once a week, without fail. 

Uhmm. So yeah, that didn't happen.

Looking back through almost a year of posts I can say there are some I'm pretty fond of, some that kinda annoy me, and some that simply say 'this right here is the result of must-post-something pressure'.

You could say blogging isn't exactly what I expected it to be. What I mean by this is, when I started out I figured sitting down at the computer and tapping out some of the noise going on inside my head once a week would be pretty easy. A nice release.