23 February 2015

Why everything Lloyd Dobler says is gold

When the title for my blog came to me I had just been working on a scene in my novel where the male protagonist, Andy, quotes a line from one of his favourite movies, Say Anything, to Eve; the girl who is at that very moment breaking his heart into an intricate collection of puzzle pieces.

Yeah, I know you're now dying to learn what the line is. Sorry, but I’m not going to tell you. You'll just have to read my book...when it gets published that is!

Anyway, I digress.

As luck (or fate?) would have it Say Anything - a Cameron Crowe classic that I’ve watched approximately 37 times since my brother first rented it from Col’s video store back in 1990 - offered up a blog title which fit pretty neatly with what I was hoping to do here i.e. get a little courageous and share some of the musings that are forever playing out inside my brain.

So what I did was I took ‘Say Anything’, then added my name, ‘Sare’ to the end. Then I entered my schmick newly-created title into Blogger and pressed submit to see if it was gonna fly.

Tick, came the response. sayanythingsare@blogspot.com had entered the blogoshpere.

I was so excited I decided to celebrate by watching Say Anything for the 38th time.

That was when I realised this timeless American romcom was going to inspire a whole lot more of my blog than just the title.

The line I mentioned earlier - the one my character Andy quotes to Eve. It really is a great line.

It is uttered by Lloyd Dobler (played by John Cusack), a high school senior whose left-of-centre sensibilities make him swoon-worthy in all the ways the standard dream guy of American teen films isn’t (so, yeah, it’s a given that I’m in love with Lloyd Dobler and have been since 1990).

Well, that line, it’s not the only great one.

As I sat barricaded in my home office (the only way to get my husband to attend to the kids for an hour-and-half!) watching my now slightly scratched Say Anything DVD on the laptop, I was reminded that Lloyd Dobler has so, SO many great lines.

Umm, light bulb moment!

Oh my gosh, I thought, blocking out the background noise of children fighting without reprimand...the various lines of Lloyd Dobler dialogue would be soooo perfect as a starting point for each post on my blog.